Yesterday I was browsing some books at ‘The Borders’ and read a book by Jack Canfield. The title is ‘How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be – 25 priciples of succes’ really pulls my interests. Firstly I was just thinking of sitting while browsing some economics books, when I actually read until 2nd chapter of that book!
I am not the kind who likes to read those self-help, economics or business books, but I don’t know what happened lately (especially this new year). I would prefer to take a look at those mentioned topics. And I can say that I think I have a different kind/topics of books in my head to look out to. Like before, I’d rather went to either fiction or classic or biography sections to buy or browse some books while hanging out in bookstores. Luckily last week my sister told me about the new bookstore just opened somewhere near my area. So, I don’t have to go further to hang out anymore, though like before those bookstores are not that far from my area. But I guess there are some more options hahaha.
Back to the book by Jack Canfield which I mentioned, I like the way he describe and telling on those 25 principles (I only read it until 2nd principle). Really pulls out some inner me to take a look at what I’ve done and what I am. Though I didn’t bought the book, but I will come to the bookstore again to finish reading it. He said,
 “The principles always work if You work the principles”
and it’s true. Actually it’s just a common sense for us to be different or to change, but sometimes we need some guidance and most important is the support. Either its from someone, something or somewhere. Back to the roots, its depends on us to sit down and think!
Any of you have read this book before? Do drop by and say something to share some opinions.